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Miguel, you said you'd share the Photoshop file from your Lightbox demo. Where is it?

Oooppss! Here it is, just click the pencil.

What was your experience like as a Story Trainee/Apprentice at Disney?

I will make a YouTube video about this, eventually. I promise!

Will you be able to look at my portfolio and give me feedback?

I always appreciate anyone asking for my insights, it means a lot. But starting early next year, 2024, I will no longer be accepting portfolio review requests that I get either through LinkedIn, Instagram, or e-mail. The reason, unfortunately, is that with more and more requests coming in, I don't have as much time and I don't want to burn myself out, since this is a big time commitment. But NEVER FEAR, I mentor through Rise Up Animation, a non-profit organization that offers FREE portfolio reviews to BIPOC artists. I recommend signing up for a review through them! Thanks!

Could you be a mentor for one of my projects/school assignments?

I appreciate anyone reaching out to ask about this, but unfortunately I cannot accept any mentorship requests. With my full-time work, personal work, and Rise Up Animation commitment, I don't currently have the bandwidth to take on any mentorship opportunities. Sorry!

How did you break into the industry? Hmm?

I will also make a YouTubes about this one also, since I don't want to write a lot.

I've been asked to interview Animation Professionals for a class assignment...

Oof, I can only begin to understand the stress behind having to take on that assignment. While I understand the value of being able to ask artists questions about their career, most of the time the artist just won't be able to take those requests. So don't feel bad! BUT...for me personally, I empathize and want to help out! So if it's a short 15 - 30 min interview and you reach out to me in a respectful manner, and acknowledging my time, I will gladly accept your request. And if you're not respectful of my time, I won't respond. But there will be times where I will see a respectful request and I just won't have the time, so I either reach out or not. Sorry!

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