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HOLA! My name is Miguel Baltazar and I am currently working as a Story Artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios. Previously, I was part of the Story Trainee Program at Disney, and a Storyboard Revisionist at Netflix Animation Studios and Dreamworks TV. I am also a graduate of Cal State Fullerton, class of 2018.

A lot of my storyboard work comes from my love of stories that have impacted me through my childhood. My goal is to embrace all aspects of my personality i.e. silly or serious, creating a connection with people that will hopefully resonate. Being Mexican American in animation, there is also an obligation for me to inspire other fellow Chicanos and Chicanas to tell their own stories through art. I love my culture and that is a huge aspect of my work that I want to convey to everybody, whether through animation or comics. What I ultimately want people to take away from my work is this: Emotion. Feelings are beautiful and storyboarding is my way of being able to express that and is a culmination of the wonder I felt as a kid and the love I have for my culture. 

I hope you enjoyed checking out my website. I really appreciate it.

Muchas gracias!

For inquiries and portfolio passwords, contact me via email.

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